Arma 2


It didn't feel that long time ago but I guess its been, sorry for the delay. Since the first public release (August 2010), we been constantly playing at and I am happy to say that we feel the 2015 scenario addons is fully playable at this stage. Some addons requires and will get more work, but it should be enough to keep people happy and enjoy the mod.

So now its time to share the updated 2015, but as a bonus we will throw in the "second part" of the mod, the 1981 cold war scenario.

Based on the submarine U-137 that went aground out a Swedish naval base 1981 our aim is to fcous on what would had happend if the Soviet decided to take it back with force.

One island is included which we are far from completed, but its also a "call for help", we hope someone will download it, get inspired and join our crew. We really need someone thats skilled with making the satelite/mask mapping for the ground textures. The placement, missions we can do.

2015 scenario

1981 scenario


SFP for Arma 2



Montage Trailer

Unofficial Trailer

SFP 2015