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Swedish Forces Pack was created by Engen, Ugga and granQ more than 15 years ago. The team had no idea how to code or make models, except for Ugga who had previously made some maps for Half-Life. Gradually the four of them started to work towards the goal of getting a squad of swedish soldiers and their weapons into the game.

A year into the project the team had grown and improved their skills, and SFP had gotten a small fan base. With the third release of SFP the quality was almost on par with the professionally made content in Operation Flashpoint. The following year the team was invited to take reference photos at the Swedish Army's Land Warfare Centre. At that point the team had grown to around 15 people but still had a 4-man core: the 3 orignal members and Kungtotte.

With the release of SFP4 for Operation Flashpoint a majority of all weapons used in sweden during the last 100 years had been added. As well as some 20 vehicles and a Swedish island.

Following SFP4 most of the team departed, but a community homepage - Anrop - was created for the Swedish community that has been around SFP for many years. With the release of ARMA: Armed Assault (Arma 1) came a new version of SFP, with some of the OFP material imported and, of course, additions to the team. For Armed Assault SFP got some new vehicles, but in the end didn’t become quite as popular as for OFP.

For Arma 2 the SFP team got a new core, with subroc making textures and Steel Rat producing high quality models. Left dealing with configs was granQ, with some of the old SFP members still around to help out. The scope for SFP was limited to two eras, 2015 and 1981. With one goal being to increase the overall quality while still offering a broad range of things, which made SFP famous in the first place.

SFP for Arma 3 had its first release during the early alpha, with SFP Wamako being one of the first 3rd party islands created. This iteration of SFP the grand majority of the new content has been modelled by Echo, Megadeth, and vccv90, with many other creators making contributions of their own. Perhaps most notable are Ulfen's Ak5 rifles.

The Emblem

The Swedish Forces Pack emblem is meant to represent the three branches of the Swedish Armed Forces: the Airforce, the Army and the Navy. On top of the elements representing them is the Swedish flag.

The lightning bolt is a common symbol for communication or signals in the military. In this case it represents the close connection that SFP has to the gaming community Anrop; the name of which in Swedish means "call", as in when you call another unit by radio.

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