Operation Flashpoint

That's right folks, this is the day you have all been waiting for since the end of 2003, the day that SFP 4 is released to the public!

Two long years have we worked on this, and boy have we made some changes since SFP 3.0. No part of SFP 3.0 has been left unchanged, everything has been updated, modified and in some cases completely redone. A lot has been added to what was already present in 3.0, and we can guarantee that the SFP 4 experience is heaps better than the SFP 3.0 experience.

Over 50 small arms and support weapons are available, over 250 soldiers to choose from in the mission editor. You can drive around the country-side in 5 different vehicles, roll around safely in 10 different armoured vehicles, or soar above the battlefield in one of the 9 aircraft available.


SFP 4.1.7

Multiplayer Missions

Swedish Voices by Darkstar



Mechanized Warfare

AJS 37 Viggen