Swedish Forces Pack


The original Swedish Armed Forces experience for Arma is now entering the next generation with the first release for Arma Reforger.

SFP brings 100% new content made for Reforger with professional tools with the highest quality.
Focus is infantry and the era (1988-1992) represented in Reforger.

Our first release comes with a Conflict scenario and a coop scenario in order to test the mod. More missions are planned, both cooperative and competitive, with the hopes to bring players from Arma 3 to Reforger as a preperation for Arma 4.


Uniforms and soldier equipment



  • Pansarskott m/86 - the AT4 84mm disposable single-shot recoilless anti-tank weapon.


  • Shgr 56 - a Swedish fragmentation grenade with a 3.5 second fuse.


  • Pistol 07 - the Swedish licensed production of the FN M1903.
  • Signalpistol 50 - a Swedish signal and illumination flare gun.


  • Ak4 - the iconic H&K G3A3 modified for Swedish use, including M203 attachment and marksman version.
  • Ak5 - the FN FNC, standard version and Bertil (Marksman with SUSAT optics)
  • Kpist m/45 - the "Swedish K", a fully automatic submachinegun used by the Swedish Armed Forces between 1945 and 2007.
  • KSP 58B - the FN MAG.